About Me

Living my life to the fullest in middle east farm country, I am a full-time working mom of two little ones. I spend my days off from my 9 to 5 day job snuggling my babies - sporting yoga pants, drinking too much coffee and trying to sneak in some creating during nap time (when I am SURE I should actually be cleaning something). I dream of eventually being able to sleep through the night again and one day taking my small shop to the next level. 

I started my little shop after my daughter was born. I very quickly fell down the rabbit hole of all things girly. Being a life long creator, one thing led to another and ta-da!! I had all the sudden taken up all the spare space in our house to fill orders (my husband was overjoyed by this 😅). Sewing is new skill for me but I can say , without a doubt, that my passion is creating children's clothing and accessories. From an idea in my head to putting pen on paper and then finally creating a tangible (and adorable) product, I absolutely love this side hustle of mine.